RIYAZ AHMED BEIG-The man who mocked and then defied fate

Riyaz Ahmed Beig had lost both his hands. That, however, didn’t stop him from clearing civil service and acquiring an MBA

Gopalpura-Budgam (Central Kashmir)
DNA, Bombay, 28/01/2006

He inspires many, draws fierce envy in some and is a hero for others. Meet Riyaz Ahmed Beig, a go-getter who took his physical disability as a challenge and defeated it with sheer grit and mental prowess.

Beig, who lost both his arms in an accident when he was a three-year-old, is an MBA, a KAS (Kashmir Administrative Service) officer and a swimming and football champion.

For Bieg, who underwent surgery twice after he got an electric shock while playing in the neighborhood, climbing the ladder of success was not an easy task?

But he did not lose hope and decided to transform his life despite his disabilities. He uses his foot as his hands and goes through life.

“My parents had lost hope when my arms were amputated. I had applied for admission in Missionary School, but after the accident my parents approached the principal and pleaded to cancel my admission.

However fate had other things in store. The Principal absolutely refused and instead told me to go to Pune and get artificial limbs fitted,” says Riyaz.

In Pune, he had to undergo a second surgery because the doctors who amputated his arms had left some residue in his body which was not allowing the healing of wounds.

“After spending two months in Pune, I came back with artificial limbs. And then my life started rolling for good,” he says.

During his schooling he was the captain of the football team and played various tournaments. He was a swimming champion and participated in a number of events.

“I did my graduation in commerce and then appeared for an MBA entrance test. I qualified and completed my MBA from Kashmir University. Later I also wrote the administrative exams and qualified.”

“Incidentally, I was the only person who was interviewed by the panelists before a full media glare. When I asked them the reason for this, the interviewers said that they wanted to convey to the world that nothing is impossible in this world.”

Beig is now posted in the social welfare department as an assistant director, Budgam. “I have no problem in dealing with files. I write with both my foot and artificial limbs and work as a normal man. I even drive but only when there is no traffic because I have to balance,” he reveals with a smile.

His success has left even his parents wonderstruck.

“We were not expecting that he could achieve this much success. But Allah almighty has been benevolent upon him and he tasted success despite his handicap.”

“Today I feel that my pain has eased a bit,” said Naseema Akhtar, Riyaz’s mother, with tears in her eyes.

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