Shri Rajinder Johar, Founder & Chief Coordinator, Family of Disabled (FOD)

Rajinder Johar did his schooling from different places due to frequent transfers of his working parents. He was working as a Senior Occupational Therapist at King George’s Medical College, Lucknow when an injury to his spinal chord in 1986 rendered him quadriplegic (paralysis of all four limbs). Having worked with disabled people for over 17 years as an occupational therapist, and after becoming disabled himself; he still wanted to continue serving the disabled fraternity. He knew that to cater to such a large population of disabled people, collective efforts by like-minded people are required. . Family Of Disabled, a voluntary organisation was thus formed by him, in 1992 with the blessings from Rev. Mother Teresa, to serve the disabled people. Confined to his bed and totally dependent on others, he manages the organisation from his room, which is accessible to the disabled people.

Being declared 100% disabled after the accident, which rendered him paralysed neck downwards, he prefers to assess the disability percentage on his own parameter. The person who is confined to bed for over two decades and cannot even turn a side on his own and is totally dependent on others, has enabled hundreds of disabled individuals to live an independent and financially secure life. They have not only become self-reliant but can now take care of their dependants too.

His only strength is the conviction and dedication towards the cause. His untiring efforts to utilise his every second, to support, motivate and establish the disabled people are unparallel. His total assets are a telephone to keep in contact with the world, a writing device (worth Rs. 30/-), which he and his engineer brother designed together as they couldn’t find one which could cater to his needs. He ties it with his wrist and writes with shoulder movements. He used to type earlier on a donated electronic typewriter but his deteriorating health doesn’t allow him to take that much strain now. Even his diminishing health couldn’t deter his spirit from soaring high; his enthusiasm is still the same. He guides and advises the employees and volunteers to carry on the noble work that he started single handedly. He has outreached his severe limitations to serve the disabled brethren; he has devoted his life to.

He has received thirteen awards including the prestigious National Award, Red and White Bravery Award, from government and non-government agencies for his selfless services to the disabled people.

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