Girl ends life to donate organs to father,brother

Nadia: For days,Mumpy would listen quietly as the elders discussed how only an eye surgery could save her fathers vision and a kidney transplant her brothers life.But both surgeries were beyond the familys meagre means.So,Mumpy hit upon a plan,which to her 12-year-old mind seemed the answer to all troubles.She would kill herself,which would save the dowry,too,and her organs would give her loved ones back their lives.

Mumpy did stick to her plan.But the suicide note in which she had scribbled down her wishes was found the day after she was cremated.

The incident took place in Dhantalas Jhorpara on June 27.Her fathers and brothers ailments had left Mumpy Sarkar,a class VI student,anxious.One of the kidneys of her brother Monojit,a Class XI student,was damaged and the other was getting weak.Father Mridul Sarkar,a daily wager,was gradually losing his eyesight.The family had approached the local MLA for help.We had decided to grant them some money for the boys treatment.But the tragedy happened all of a sudden, said Dhantala panchayat pradhan Tapas Tarafdar.

Mumpy had taken elder sister Monica,a Class VIII student,into confidence and had urged her to commit suicide as well for the cause.When Mumpy told Monica about her plan on the morning of June 27,the latter laughed it off and left for school.

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  1. This is sad indeed. Wish someone had counselled the lil' girl and got her family the much needed help. There are lot of charitable organizations and women NGOs in Bangalore and other parts of the country and yet for such an incident to occur is sad. This raises a very important question - the need for access to healthcare irrespective of where you live and at affordable rates too. Hope the Government and the NGOs work together and increase their network to reach people in remote locations as well.