Every breath of life inspires me.-NAVEEN GULIA

Receiving - ‘National Role Model’ Award from the President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

I have always wanted to work towards the welfare of children as I myself identify with the problems of the under-privileged children, their need for love and appreciation, their need of attention, their need for help and their need for opportunities of a possible bright and secure future. When we help a child we brighten up a whole future . Though we have been running ground activities, we are in urgent need for setting up a home for special children who are extreme cases of disability or do not have a family or home. We, at ADAA, would be extremely thankful for any contribution that you would like to make.

"We should do what ever little good that we can where ever we can in what ever small ways that we can.
And not wait for the big good that we always intend to do but never end up doing."
- Navin Gulia
Directing Worker

Navin Gulia, joined the National Defense Academy at 17 ,when was in Indian Army in an accident, he got disabled 100%. He converted all the challenges in his life into opportunities with 'utmost self-confidence'. After some time did graduation with National Defence Academy, pursued masters in Indian history from Pune univ while in a hospital bed, and came out of hospital to do Masters in Computer Management from Symbiosis and UGC NET lectureship in computer applications. H e also did a proficiency course in Chinese.
Later he started an N.G.O for children called ADAA – Apni Duniya Apna Ashiana (Our World Our Home), which is an effort aimed at helping, assisting and guiding the lives of street children, orphans, physically handicapped children and destitute children. Navin also got honored with many big and prestigious awards

“Mission Marsimik La” - ACCOMPLISHED 18, 632 feet
Driving non-stop from Delhi (sea level) to Marsimik La, the world's highest motorable mountain pass, (At 18,632 feet, it is 1232 feet higher than the base camp of Mt Everest.) Over a distance of 1200 km and 7 of the worlds highest mountain passes on the way. Something, that had never been attempted before and something never thought of as possible.
You may visit his websites -http://www.navingulia.com/
Contact add:-
Navin Gulia
Email- navingulia@yahoo.com
Phone- -9810245996-
Postal- 213, Sec-14, Gurgaon, Haryana-122001, India
National Role Model Award 2006
Chief of Army Staff Commendation
Cavinkare Ability Mastery Award 2006
State Award For Adventure Sports 2004
Limca Book ‘People of the Year’ 2005
Times of India ‘Global Indian of the Year’ 2005

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